A Sparkly Day Out in Cambridge

Blogcademy babes, [re]unite!

I spent this past Saturday in Cambridge where the oh-so fabulous Caroline, of Sparkles and Crumbs, hosted a mini Blogcademy reunion. She a promised a day full of fun, processco, dresses, and chocolate, too! The itinerary made me crack a smile, and I was quite happy to be back in the UK after a short break to California.

Fellow Blogcadette Lucy J Loves and I met up Saturday morning in Kings Cross station. One of the best parts of going to Blogcademy was making new friends in London. It was great to have a travel companion on the 45-minute journey; we caught up on recent travels, and what we’ve been up to since seeing each other last. This was Lucy’s first time in Cambridge, but I’d been about two years ago. I found Cambridge really nice the first time, and I was really looking forward to what local Caroline had in store for us.

First up was lunch at Stickybeaks Cafe where we met the rest of our crew: Caroline, Xandra, Amy and Anita. Poor Lucy and I had a mini-tour of the center of Cambridge before we found the cafe, but it was well-worth the detour. The decor was simple and chic with daffodils on the tables, and tiny Easter chicks dotting the cafe, and the food was super tasty. I had a chicken breast marinated in pomegranate juice, which was not only tasty, but really juicy and succulent. The lunch was quite light, only coming with a few salad greens and shredded carrots, , but was still well worth the £7.

After Lunch, we hit streets of Cambridge. First, Caroline took us to a lovely little market where vendors solds all sorts of lovely trinkets from braclets to rings, to coasters and funky clocks. No one from the group bought anything, but I do think Caroline was tempted by this apron.

Aren’t we a fabulous bunch of blogger babes? Photo by Miss Sparkles and Crumbs.

We were then off for a quite a wander through town. We stopped to see some of the sights, did a load of blogger poses, and took masses of photos. Wandering around was a really great opportunity for me to get to know Anita, of Trawler Girl, and Amy, of Disguised by Zebras, better. Both girls were in the same Blogcademy session as me, but I barely had a chance to talk to either, so I was really happy to get a chance to have a better chat with both!

Photo by Amy.

After an hour or so of wandering, we were off to the main event: trying on designer dresses at GD Designer Style Hire. This place was amazing. Not only did Susan and Georgina let us try on their dresses, but they treated us to mimosas! I found a few dresses to try on, including a lovely coral colored dress, a chic blue number, and a really nice Michael Kors dress. Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of an upcoming occasion which required a new dress, otherwise I would have been really tempted by the last two! Prices for dress hire were quite reasonable, and included cleaning in the fee, and they’re even happy to send the dress to you if you don’t live in the immediate area. How awesome is that?

Isn’t Fashionably Light blogger Xandra Bee adorable and super-photogenic?

To wrap up the day, Caroline took us wandering a bit further through Cambridge before we ended up having pre-dinner snacks at The Vaults. I don’t know about the rest of the ladies, buy my mini-sized portion of meatballs turned out to be dinner-sized, and I didn’t need to eat anything else once I returned home!

In all, I had a fantastic day meeting up with these ladies, and would like to thank Caroline again for being such a great host!

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