Demystifying Photoshop with Blogshop

Bri, me, and Angela at the end of the Blogshop weekend.

Two weekends ago, I trekked to Curtain Road Studios in Shoreditch with 25 other bloggers, or to-be bloggers, to learn Photoshop skills from the ladies at Blogshop. The weather outside was dreary and wet, but the atmosphere inside was warm and welcoming.

Blogshop is an instensive weekend workshop for bloggers and anyone else interested in learning Photoshop skills–fast. Graphic designer and blogger Bri Emery of Designlovefest and photographer Angela Kohler (Angela and Ithyle) were our fearless leaders for the weekend. These ladies wasted no time getting us started.

Before the workshop, I had very limited experience using Photoshop. I used it back in 2001 when I was an editor for my college newspaper, and did the layouts for each issue, but that was ages ago, and Photoshop has changed a lot since then. Also, I had no real experience producing visual media for the Internet. I always enjoyed working on the newspaper layout, and I thought Blogshop would be a great way to learn some new skills, and hopefully improve the visual components of California Love Letters.

All the skills I learned over the weekend will come in super handy in the future. By the end of the first day, we learned how to make templates for recurring features on our blogs (Instagram round-ups, perhaps?). That is some seriously handy stuff, and really was the kind of stuff I was hoping to learn so I can roll out some new features in the future. I had the ideas, but didn’t know how to implement them visually–but now I do! Thanks, ladies!

Not only did we learn how create templates, add text and handwriting to photos, but we also learned how to do some more complicated things like retouching photos. I don’t know how much retouching I’ll do on photos myself, but the fact that I can elminate some of the imperfections in my skin, and the scars from where my Hickman line was placed is quite cool.

Probably one of the handiest skills for bloggers that we learned was how to create our own mood boards. I’d long wondered how people managed to put these things together, and I was surprised to learn how easy it actually is to create these. Seriously. Cool. Stuff.

Interested in taking your blog visually to the next level? Have you wanted to learn Photoshop? Have a look at Blogshop’s website to see if there is a workshop near you! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed by all the awesome you will learn.

Ooh, and I almost forgot, we learned how to make animated gifs, too! Enjoy!


Mood board items: 1) Dress by Comptior des Cotonniers; 2) Sunglasses from Topshop; 3) Necklace from Accessorize; 4) Sandals from Office; 5) Belt from Forever 21.

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