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My new business cards arrived today!

Now that my new blog is up and running, it was time for me to work on some additional collateral to support my new site. First up were business cards. One of the big takeaways from The Blogcademy was the importance of business cards because, “you never know who you might meet.” I’d been hemming and hawing over designs for the past few weeks before finally settling on a super-simple minicard design.

The cards I used at The Blogcademy.

I didn’t have any business cards prior to Blogcademy, but it was suggested everyone bring some along to the workshop. I panicked a bit because I didn’t have long before the workshop, and I knew I wouldn’t be using Becoming British much longer. So I decided to go the homemade route. My cards were a bit lack-luster. I did a bit of searching on the Internet to figure out what I should put on my cards, and came across this guide to blogger business cards on Mom Comm. After seeing some of the cards in her showcase, I was a bit shocked–how the hell am I going to create super-awesome business cards? As you can tell, mine weren’t super-awesome, but they did the job, and they were actually on-brand.

I originally thought about going with double-sided full-size cards, but was having trouble coming up with a design that I thought suited California Love Letters’ brand. I was poking round, and was intrigued by their minicards. I played around a bit using just my header logo on one side, and putting my details on the other. I thought it was better than other designs I’d thought of, but didn’t quite look complete for me. I saw the option for changing the background color of the detail side, and then it popped.

Moo is fantastic. The prices are reasonable, there is loads of choice in cards (sizes, paper type, gloss or no gloss, etc.), and they are super fast. I wanted my cards for the upcoming Blogshop workshop in London this weekend (which I’m super stoked about, by the way). Minicards start at £16.13 ($23.24 in the US) for standard printing and delivery (via Royal Mail or US Postal Service), but they have plenty of options of quick printing and delivery if you’re in a pinch. I’m really happy with how these turned out, and pretty excited that I will be fully prepared for the weekend; you never know who I might meet!

2 thoughts on “Blogger Business Cards

  1. I’m in love with your cards, they are beautiful! Since Blogcademy I have been wanting to change mine as I have a blog url now + I want to change some of the details on the card. Feel bad as I have hardly given any of mine out! Nevermind.

    Loving your blog
    Lots of love,
    Amy (

    • Thanks, Amy! I know what you mean about wanting to change them. I went to the homemade route for Blogcademy simply because I knew I’d want to change them as soon as I got my own domain. If it makes you feel any better, I think I printed out 40 or so for Blogcademy, and I still have 30 or so left! Now I have about 200 of these minicards, but figure they should be good for awhile unless I do a rebrand in the near future. Think of it as investing in yourself and your future!

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