Five Reasons I’m Excited about March

A view of the Golden Gate Bridge from Twin Peaks in San Francisco.

Spring is just around the corner, and I am stoked. Here’s a short list of what’s getting me excited this month:

  1. Darren and I are going to California!

    This is just a visit to make sure that we are absolutely certain that moving is what we want to do. After a few disasters in our flat’s building this month, we can hardly think of a reason not to start running for California now, but you know, we don’t want to rush into things, and make rash decisions!

  2. Sigor Ros at the Brixton Academy

    OK, so this Icelandic band may not be your thing, but Darren and I went to one of their concerts at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, CA in 2008, and it was amazing. Seriously, it was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to in my life–and I’ve been to a number of great ones.

  3. Blogcademy meet-up in Cambridge

    I’ve taken pretty much every opportunity to surround myself with the sparkly Blogcademy graduates (chocolate meet-ups, dinners in Central London, etc.). Seeing my fellow Blogcadette’s blogs evolve, is inspiring, but hanging out with them is an entirely different matter. It’s a pity that Blogcademy came along so late in my stay in London–it’s been a fantastic opportunity to make new friends!

  4. Easter!

    Not only does this holiday come with a four-day weekend in Britain, but my trip to California is timed such that I will be able to pick up my most favorite Easter candy while I’m in America. Does anyone else think Easter has the best candy? Last year I stocked up on coconut Hersey’s Kisses, and had my parents bring me some Whopper Eggs when they came over last April (how I forgot these the when I was there in the US last March is beyond me). I am looking forward to that sugar high in a few weeks time!

  5. Daylight saving time begins

    Right, so losing an hour of sleep is most definitely not something to get excited about, but that extra hour of daylight gained is totally worth the excitement. If the weather hasn’t already improved by then, the fact that it will still be light at 7:30 p.m. will make things more bearable.

Are you excited about anything happening in March? Tell me in the comments!