On the Hook: Seeing Stars Blanket

I was busy winding half the yarn needed for my current project–17 colors!

When I was sick in hospital for three months in 2011, I needed something to keep me busy. I used that as an opportunity to get back into knitting. Since I’ve been out of hospital, I’ve gone a bit crazy for knitting. I joined a local knitting group called the Social Knitwork at The Tea Box in Richmond, and I’ve knitted several hats, fingerless gloves, two cowls and a very long scarf. My favorite knit item is still the cabled cowl I made while I was ill. The super-soft alpaca-merino blend keeps me warm, even on the coldest British winter days.

My favorite knit item, my Cabled Cowl.

Just before Christmas, I decided I needed a break from knitting, but wanted something to keep my hands busy. So, I did a bit of poking round on Ravelry, and found a gorgeous pattern for a crocheted blanket called Seeing Stars by Spud and Chloe.

I love this pattern so far. It’s quite colorful (as you can see!), and once I memorized the hexagon pattern, things started progressing quickly. One of the best features of this particular pattern is that the hexagons are crocheted togther, so the blanket starts taking shape fast. I am trying super hard to be disciplined with this project, and have been sewing in all the loose ends after I complete a row, but I sometimes feel like it takes longer to sew in all the ends than it does to crochet a row!

Progress to-date on Seeing Stars.

This is how I’ve been tyring to add some brightness and color to winter. How about you? How are you adding a little color to brighten dreary winter days?

2 thoughts on “On the Hook: Seeing Stars Blanket

  1. So how long has it taken you to crochet that far?? I want to learn to knit and crochet so bad but I am not very good yet!! Tips? Your project is so beautiful so far! I want to see the finished product!

    • When I get down to working on it, I can do one of the hexagons in 20 minutes or so. It’s just difficult to find the time to work on it!

      The best tips I can give are practice and patience. Knitting was difficult for me to grasp, and I never liked it hugely. But I stuck with it because I knew I could make some really cool stuff. I’m better at it now, and I really enjoy it.

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